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Thanks for visiting my "Teaching Ministry"
page.   In hopes that our paths will cross some
day, here is what I'm currently involved in.  I am a
cradle member of the Christian Church, and now
also a member of Greater Mount Pleasant
Baptist Church of Dallas.  I participate actively in
the Baptist Ministers Conference of Dallas, Rev.
Dr. David Henderson, Jr., President.

I spend most weekends traveling to other
churches.  My goal is to “provide resources and
encouragement for adult education, specifically
Sunday School.”  
Click here to see a list of
some of the churches I've visited.

My policy is “any church, any Sunday."  To
arrange a program, please contact me at

com.  I hope to provide
a resource that is valuable to those I encounter.  
I don't talk about politics, denominations, social
issues, or anything else.  I talk about the Bible,
its history, its translations, and how God has
used it in my life.

In my experience, renewal in my life and in
churches comes through a living encounter with
the God of scripture.  By going deeply into
scripture through the translation project, I hope
to be able to share the passion it inspires in me.

After twenty-five years in ministry, that passion is
still to help ordinary people understand God's
Word more clearly.  This is what this Bible
translation/teaching project is about.

I've designed these programs to work well in a
combined Sunday School format.  They take
about 45 minutes, preferably with PowerPoint
slides, though they work well without them.

They are also good programs for a morning or
evening study or small group, or, if you are more
ambitious, for a multi-day Scripture Festival
format.  That gives us time to do a thorough
introduction, then go deeply into several books
of the Bible.  The event could be spread over
different days of the week, of course.

Cost of Programs:
I'm committed to going wherever I am called,
whether the congregation can pay or not.  When
possible, I ask the following:
Travel Expenses
Love Offering or Honorarium
Opportunity to Sell Books

Here are some congregations I've taught in
through the years:
Greater Mount Pleasant Baptist, Dallas
Central Christian, Dallas
First Christian, Houston
St. Luke's Methodist, Houston
Wilshire Baptist, Dallas
University Christian, Fort Worth
New Hope Baptist, Dallas.
Northway Christian Church, Dallas.

For a more complete list, click here.

. . . and many more.  References are available.
Feedback for John's Ministry

John, your translations are splendid!
I hope everyone will ask their local
library to obtain a copy and buy one
personally. I find your translations
both direct and elegant and
profoundly refreshing!
Father Vincent Uher
Houston, Texas

John visited our church as part of a
book signing tour. He met with our
adult Sunday school classes to
explain why someone should be
translating the Bible from the
Vulgate. I was wondering that myself.
His reasons are compelling. His
translations are fresh and lacking
the characteristic “stained glass
voice” one often finds in reading the
scriptures. I encourage John’s
materials for study and devotional
use, and commend him as an
interesting and compelling speaker.
Rev. Steven C. Digby
Odessa, Texas

As I've said before, you've always
been the consummate scholar and
an incredibly rich thinker. The books
that you're authoring are welcomed
additions to the ongoing world of
biblical studies – thanks for using
your considerable gifts and talents to
continue pointing people toward a
fuller understanding of God's Eternal
Major Stephen George,
Chaplain, US Army

What really pleases me as I read
your translation is the way you have
set it up and the beautiful way in
which you have caught the essence
of each verse with elegant English
(simple and understandable).
Rev. Dr. Robert Gartman,
Retired Minister,
Dallas, Texas

I welcome the translation of the
Vulgate and the emphasis on
Wisdom Literature.  The Latin
language and particularly the
Vulgate have had an enormous
impact on the Christian Church and
our liturgical and theological
Daniel Cardinal DiNardo,
Archbishop of Galveston-Houston

John, thank you for Psalms! What a
refreshing work! I appreciate your
point about Christ in the Psalms
being key to the early church . . .
Rev. Dr. Larry Ross,
Dallas, Texas

I want to express my gratitude for this
translation. My wife Alicia brought it
home in October, but we were in the
midst of moving to the Metroplex. As
'fate' would have it, my daily Bible
reading took me into Proverbs this
January. Reading it in English had
been difficult for me, because my
mind seemed to wander. But when I
picked up this interlinear translation,
it was breathtaking!

My Latin is not very good, but
somehow reading a familiar text in an
unfamiliar tongue uses a part of my
mind that wasn't engaged previously.
Particularly since some of the Latin
words are such close cognates to
English---yet just different enough
that I have to think about what the
Latin is really communicating.

It sounds odd, but this book is
helping me engage scripture
because it takes what was once
familiar and turns it into something
strange---yet comprehensible. And I
am grateful.

Joseph Harker
Richardson, Texas
The Audacity of Prayer: A Fresh Translation of the Book of Psalms
The Way of Wisdom: Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon
Flames of Faith: A Thumbnail Guide to World Religions

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