John Cunyus is a writer, publisher,
and minister, living and working in
Texas.  He presently pastors First
Christian Church of Henderson, Texas.  
He is also editor and publisher at
Searchlight Press, a publishing
company he founded in 1994.  

At Searchlight, John publishes books
on practical theology, Bible study, and
world religions.  

He has led retreats and workshops
around the United States, and has
preached at hundreds of different
congregations since 1988.

In 2008, John began developing
Latin Testament Project
, for
Searchlight, translating the ancient
Latin Bible into contemporary English.  

Cunyus is a sixth-generation Texan,
and a graduate of Rice and Texas
Christian Universities.  John is married
to the former Rocio Lizarazo of
Colombia, South America, and is the
father of four children.
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John Cunyus is freelance writer working in North
Texas.  His work may be viewed online at
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