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John Cunyus is a
freelance philosopher
working in North Texas.  
Review Comments for
The Way of Wisdom: Job,
Proverbs, Ecclesiastes,
Song of Solomon

“What really pleases me as I read
your translation is the way you have
set it up and the beautiful way in
which you have caught the essence
of each verse with elegant English
(simple and understandable).”
– Rev. Dr. Robert Gartman, Retired
Minister, Dallas, Texas.

“I welcome the translation of the
Vulgate and the emphasis on
Wisdom Literature.  The Latin
language and particularly the
Vulgate have had an enormous
impact on the Christian Church and
our liturgical and theological
formation.  Be assured that I will
forward the second copy to the Holy
– Daniel Cardinal DiNardo,
Archbishop of Galveston-Houston

As I've said before, you've always
been the consummate scholar and
an incredibly rich thinker. The books
that you're authoring are welcomed
additions to the ongoing world of
biblical studies – thanks for using
your considerable gifts and talents
to continue pointing people toward
a fuller understanding of God's
Eternal Word!
– Major Stephen George, Chaplain,
US Army, Afghanistan
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The Way of Wisdom
Latin-English Edition

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The Way of Wisdom
Job, Proverbs,
Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon

Translated by
John Cunyus
Book Cover of English Edition

In a hard world,
we need real answers.
Whether it’s about how to succeed in
love, in business, or in life itself, we
want to know.  From  check-out lines to
TV psychologists to the Internet, self-
help is and always will be hot.

This is natural. Life is hard.  Finding
good advice is harder.  We wade
through fad after fad, column after
column, psychologist after
psychologist.  Still we come up empty.

You see before you a way of wisdom
that is very, very old.  Long before TV,  
psychologists or the Internet, God’s
Word spoke to the deepest longings of
our heart.  God showed us how to
succeed in life.

The Way of Wisdom has nothing to do
with fads or theories.  There is nothing
“pop” about it.  Instead, God shows us
through it who we are, what life is
about, and how we can live it well.

These four works from the Bible –
Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Song
of Solomon
– offer us advice that has
validated itself through the ages.  
shows us what a human being is and
where our comfort comes from.  
Proverbs teaches us how to succeed,
whatever our path may be.  
Ecclesiastes teaches us what lasts and
what does not.  The
Song of Solomon
shows us what true love is all about.

Translated afresh from the Latin Old
The Way of Wisdom offers
us the Rock, the Word of God, on
which we can build our lives.  

May God bless your life
as you read His Word.
Book Cover of Latin-English Edition
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"I have shown you
the way of wisdom."
(Proverbs 4:11)