Evangelism is introducing others
to Jesus Christ
-- no more, no less.  

Evangelism is not about church
, institutional advancement,
party politics, or personal gain.  
Sometimes, other blessings flow from
introducing others to Jesus Christ.  
Evangelism's by-products must not
be confused with its primary

to use this book as a tool to
introduce others to Jesus Christ,
take these steps:

1.  Read  the book

Yes, you need to read it, even if you
read it long ago.  Meet this man Jesus
anew, in the words of those who knew
him.  Discover for yourself who he is
and what he does.  You already know it

You know what others say about him.  
What do you say about him?  

2.  Give the book to others.  

Have as few ulterior motives in doing so
as possible.  Let Jesus do the talking,
not you.  

If you want, you could put your church
or conference's business card inside.  

You could give it away as part of an
outdoor evangelism event.

You could give it away along with an
invitation to come to a a study or

If someone has questions about it you
cannot answer, refer them to someone
who can.

3.  Cause the book to be read aloud
in its entirety to others

Be the agent of the Word being heard
anew in this generation.

By all means read it to children!

4.  Study the book, and the books
connected to it in the Bible as if life
depended on it.  It does!

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Translation reserved.
The Gospel
According to Mark
A Latin-English,

ISBN #: 978-0-9824802-9-8
1.  The Latin text is the ancestral
Bible of the languages many of us
speak.  It is the oldest version of
scripture in an alphabet most of us
recognize.  Tens of millions of people
in the United States and around the
world, because of their Catholic
upbringing, want nothing to do with
what they see as "Protestant" Bible.  
They may not understand Latin, but
they respect it.  This text helps all of us
understand Jesus more profoundly.

2.  Seeing the Bible text in the
ancient language reminds us that we
are newcomers to the text, not masters.

3.  Having the book in the two
languages makes us smarter.  

(Even if we don’t understand the Latin,
we recognize enough of it to deepen
our understanding of the English

Read a book that
makes you smarter!
How to
Mark's Gospel
in Evangelism

Words, Images, and
©2010 John G. Cunyus
All Rights Reserved

John Cunyus is a
freelance writer
working in North Texas.  
"What good to me is the Latin
in this text, if I don't
know Latin?"
"I think using Mark this way is
wonderful.  There is so much in
the other Gospels that requires
background or orientation.

Mark is so accessible. So
straightforward. I think it is the
best Gospel for evangelism - for
introducing people to Jesus for
the first time - especially in our
hurried, secular world."

Rev. Norman Stolpe, Former Pastor
Central Christian Church
Dallas, Texas
(From the Back Cover
of the Latin-English Edition)

This rough, unpolished story, first
written down in the vulgar Greek of
Rome’s eastern traders and travelers,
fixed for all subsequent generations
the outline of Jesus Christ's life and
ministry.  Through these words, the
story of a Galilean Jew, crucified on a
Roman cross, became the story of the
world’s Redeemer, through whom and
by whom all other stories will be judged.

Translated afresh by John Cunyus,
The Gospel According to Mark
becomes the latest volume in
Searchlight Press’s Latin
Testament Project.
Wonderworking Power:
A Fresh Translation
of the Gospel of Mark
(English Only)

ISBN # 978-1-936497-11-9
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