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1 Corinthians 13

"The Love Chapter"

Nothing Without Love

I and II Corinthians: A Greek-English, Verse-by-Verse Translation13:1 εαν ταις γλωσσαις των ανθρωπων λαλω και των αγγελων αγαπην δε μη εχω γεγονα χαλκος ηχων η κυμβαλον αλαλαζον

If I speak by the tongues of men and of angels yet have no love, I have become echoing brass or a sounding cymbal.

13:2 καν εχω προφητειαν και ειδω τα μυστηρια παντα και πασαν την γνωσιν καν εχω πασαν την πιστιν ωστε ορη μεθιστανειν αγαπην δε μη εχω ουθεν ειμι

And if I have prophecy and understand all the mysteries and all the knowledge, and if I have faith so as to move mountains, yet I have no love, I am nothing.

13:3 καν ψωμισω παντα τα υπαρχοντα μου καν παραδω το σωμα μου ινα καυχησωμαι αγαπην δε μη εχω ουδεν ωφελουμαι

And if I feed all my possessions and hand over my body that I may boast, yet I have no love, I am owed nothing.

13:4 η αγαπη μακροθυμει χρηστευεται η αγαπη ου ζηλοι ου περπερευεται ου φυσιουται

The Gospels, Greek-English VersionLove is patient. Love is kind. It isn’t jealous. It doesn’t boast. It doesn’t puff up.

13:5 ουκ ασχημονει ου ζητει τα εαυτης ου παροξυνεται ου λογιζεται το κακον

It doesn’t act badly. It doesn’t seek its own. It isn’t irritable. It doesn’t plot the wrong.

13:6 ου χαιρει επι τη αδικια συγχαιρει δε τη αληθεια

It doesn’t rejoice over unrighteousness, yet rejoices together at the truth.

13:7 παντα στεγει παντα πιστευει παντα ελπιζει παντα υπομενει

It bears all, believes all, hopes all, endures all.

13:8 η αγαπη ουδεποτε πιπτει ειτε δε προφητειαι καταργηθησονται ειτε γλωσσαι παυσονται ειτε γνωσις καταργηθησεται

Love never fails. If there are prophecies, they will come to nothing. If tongues, they will cease. If knowledge, it will come to nothing.

13:9 εκ μερους γαρ γινωσκομεν και εκ μερους προφητευομεν

For we know in part and we prophesy in part.

13:10 οταν δε ελθη το τελειον το εκ μερους καταργηθησεται

Yet when the complete comes, the in part will come to nothing.

13:11 οτε ημην νηπιος ελαλουν ως νηπιος εφρονουν ως νηπιος ελογιζομην ως νηπιος οτε γεγονα ανηρ κατηργηκα τα του νηπιου

Romans: A Latin-English, Verse-by-Verse TranslationWhen I was a child, I spoke as a child, I thought as a child, I reasoned as a child. When I became a man, I brought to nothing the ways of childhood.

13:12 βλεπομεν γαρ αρτι δι εσοπτρου εν αινιγματι τοτε δε προσωπον προς προσωπον αρτι γινωσκω εκ μερους τοτε δε επιγνωσομαι καθως και επεγνωσθην

For we see now through a mirror, in an enigma, yet then face to face. Now we know in part, yet then we will come to know even as we also have been known.

13:13 νυνι δε μενει πιστις ελπις αγαπη τα τρια ταυτα μειζων δε τουτων η αγαπη

Yet now remains faith, hope, love, these three – yet the greater of these is love.


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