Pastoral and General Epistles
from the New Testament:

A Latin-English,
Verse by Verse

ISBN #978-0-9824802-8-1

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The Book Includes:
1 Timothy
2 Timothy
1 Peter
2 Peter
1 John
2 John
3 John
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These twelve letters, tucked into the
New Testament between Paul’s longer
correspondence and the Book of
Revelation, are far from popular
today.  A world obsessed by lust, intent
on throwing off all restrictions, finds
these Pastoral and General Epistles
offensive.  Churches that reduce the
gospel to a feel-good message and
turn Jesus into a libertine find the
letters at best outdated, and at worse,
positively wrong.  Today’s Christians
want to invent a new way, rather than
be reminded of a way that is at least as
old as the church itself.

That, I believe, is precisely why we
need to hear them anew.  In the
Pastoral and General Epistles, the
austere purity of the Christian way is
expressed clearly.  The Roman era
which these letters addressed was like
ours marked by brutal lust,
accompanied by the breaking down of
time-honored values and systems.  
When everything seemed up-for-
grabs, the simplicity of the gospel lived
out by pure hearts offered an
alternative that endured, long after the
chaos of the times had been swallowed
up in history.

These letters still sound a call of a
different way of life, embodied in
Christ, ordered in the Word, and
rooted in the Holy Spirit.  For those
humble enough to lay aside their own
lusts and live by the gospel standard,
the way is as powerful as ever.
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