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A Path Beyond Suffering:
Working the Buddhist Method

by John Cunyus

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©2008 John G. Cunyus
All Rights Reserved

John Cunyus is a
freelance philosopher
working in North Texas.
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Path Beyond Suffering
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Path Beyond Suffering

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144 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9644609-6-6
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Life, as many of us experience it, is full
of suffering. Suffering arises from
desire.  We manage suffering only to
the extent we manage desire:
overcome desire and overcome
suffering as well.

Buddhism offers a time-tested,
accessible method for overcoming
suffering. Though some are interested
in Buddhism as a philosophy or a
religion, I am interested in it as a

As such, my purpose in writing is not to
convert you to a new religion or to put
down your old one. It is to help us deal
with pain and live more fully. In that
spirit, I invite you to share this ancient
method that still seems fresh and new.
John Cunyus
Dallas, Texas
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