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The Latin Testament
Project New Testament

presents the New
Testament portion of Saint
Jerome's Vulgate Bible, as
reconstructed by the
German Bible Society.  
Each verse of the Latin
original is followed by its
English translation.

From the staccato of
strange names at the
beginning . . . to the
exhortation neither to add
nor take away from the book
at the end -- the New
Testament is at the very
least powerful literature.  

It begins with four parallel
portraits of Jesus, known as
Gospels.  Then, it tells of
the gospel’s journey
through the ministries of
Jesus’ earliest disciples in
Acts of the Apostles.  
Its third section contains
letters written by early
church leaders
, each
letter providing insight into
the lives of the earliest
Christian communities, as
well as theological
instruction to audiences
ancient and contemporary.  
The New Testament closes
both celebrating and
anticipating Jesus’ victory, in
Revelation to John.
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1.  Using a bilingual Bible is
a time-tested way both to
study a second language
and to understand the Bible
more profoundly.  

2.  The Latin Bible, known
commonly as
The Vulgate,
is the oldest version of the
Bible in an alphabet most of
us recognize, in a language
at or near the root of many
contemporary languages.
Among these languages are
Portuguese, Spanish,
French, Romanian, and
Italian, as well as our own.  
As such, a brief study of the
Latin Bible can open a door
to some understanding of a
variety of different
languages at the same time.

The Vulgate, as
constructed by St. Jerome
and many others, is a
literary masterpiece,
majestic in its cadences and
straightforward in its
presentation.  As John
Keats put it, "A thing of
beauty is a joy forever."

4.  Latin is one of the three
languages written on the
Cross, along with Hebrew
and Greek (Luke 23:38 and
John 19:20)

5. The oldest extant Bible,
Codex Amiatinus, is in

Studying the Bible in Latin
does not diminish in any
way the value of the Bible in
other languages.  In this
age of amazing software
and translation tools, the
Bible is a public revelation.  
Those sufficiently interested
can lay various versions
side-by-side, compare and
contrast, and discern for
themselves what it means.  

The Bible belongs to no
church, denomination,
religion, or individual
exclusively.  Neither, I
hasten to add, does it
belong to humanity as a

It is God's Word, after all.
Why a Latin-English
The Latin Testament Project New Testament
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John Cunyus is freelance writer
working in North Texas.  His work
may be viewed online at

"I’m grateful to John Cunyus for
producing this very helpful verse-by-
verse translation of the Latin New
Testament.  As my young daughters
grow in their Latin skills, this is a
volume which I expect us to visit
                     Dr Rob Plummer
Professor of New Testament Interpretation
  Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
                  Lousiville, Kentucky

"I highly recommend the work of John
Cunyus in his translation of the Bible."
       Rev. Dr. David Henderson, Jr,
    Past President, Baptist Ministers    
             Conference of Dallas

"I welcome the translation of the
Vulgate and the emphasis on Wisdom
Literature.  The Latin language and
particularly the Vulgate have had an
enormous impact on the Christian
Church and our liturgical and
theological formation."  
             Daniel Cardinal DiNardo,
     Archbishop of Galveston-Houston

"John, your translations are splendid! I
hope everyone will ask their local
library to obtain a copy and buy one
personally. I find your translations both
direct and elegant and profoundly
               Father Vincent Uher
                   Houston, Texas

"What really pleases me as I read your
translation is the way you have set it
up and the beautiful way in which you
have caught the essence of each
verse with elegant English (simple and
            Rev. Dr. Robert Gartman,
                     Dallas, Texas

"As a Bible translator myself (available
through Amazon) I specialize in Greek
and Aramaic, but I also read Latin. As
such, I am well able to recognize the
relative quality of a translation of the
New Testament from the Latin. Pastor
Cunyus's translation has become my
go-to reference for the Latin New
Testament. By presenting every verse
in the original language immediately
followed by his English rendering he
encourages readers, even those
unfamiliar with Latin, to read it,
because even if it isn't immediately
comprehensible without the translation
- as he should, because the Latin
reads exquisitely. I urge readers to
read the Latin aloud, and just enjoy
the beautiful sound of the language.

"However Cunyus goes further, with a
solidly masterful translation that is not
lacking in English eloquence. For
those who cannot read Latin
comprehensively, this adds greatly to
the excellence of this volume.

"The small caveat I have is that
Cunyus's translation tends to stay with
traditional understandings of words
rather than their literal meanings. For
instance, in John 4 the word "
means "spring" or even "fountain"
(which English word comes from the
Latin "
fons"), not "well", just as does
the Greek πηγη (pēgē), the Aramaic
ܡܥܝܢܐ (miyna), and the Hebrew מַבּ֫וּעַ
(mabua). Only in 4:11, in all of these
languages, does the very different
word for "well" appear, which suggests
that the woman is speaking of some
other (spiritual) water source, not the
physical water source, the spring, in
front of them. But this is typical of the
difficult choices any Bible translator
must make. I do not say Cunyus is
wrong, only that my approach aims
more at looking at what the texts
literally mean than staying with familiar
credal understandings. And,
notwithstanding this one difference in
views, I find Cunyus's presentation of
the Vulgate Latin to be completely and
masterfully trustworthy. I cannot
recommend it strongly enough
            Rev. James David Audlin
       Paso Ancho, Chiriqui, PANAMA
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