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          A Handbook for Christian Healing

“Sympathizing with the sick is well and good.  
Providing the sick (and the healthy!) with faith
resources that will honestly help them is even
A Handbook for Christian Healing

“John Cunyus writes a refreshing new look at the
power of positive faith.  His approach is as practical
as was Norman Vincent Peale’s fifty years ago.  All
suffering people need to read this book.”   
Rev. Duane Alcorn, Ph.D., Professional

“With this book, Pastor Cunyus adds his voice to
many others who are seeking a revitalization of
spiritual healing.  He does so, using the best of
witness – that of personal experience, reinforced
by a host of scriptural references.  May the Lord
bless this offering to the revival of one of the Lord’s
greatest gifts – that of spiritual healing.”   
K.C. “Buck” Pennington, DDS, retired Dentist

“In A Handbook for Christian Healing the author
presents a thoughtful, easily readable book for
healing based on biblical principles.  Included in
this book is a chapter on a pattern for healing
Marge Shackelford, Registered Nurse

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A Handbook
for Christian Healing
by John Cunyus
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