A Fresh Translation
of Genesis

A Latin-English

Translated by John Cunyus
Foreword by Rev. John Bain

ISBN: 978-0-9824802-4-3
Searchlight Press, 2009

"In beginning,
God created sky and land."

Starting with these soaring words,
Genesis unfolds how our world came
to be. Its narrative recounts the origins
of life as we know it, as well as the
beginnings of humanity and its famous
discontents. Most marvelously, it
introduces us to the Divine One, our
journey's Companion, who guides all
things according to His purposes.

Told in the language of image and
poetry, Genesis provides the context
for all that comes after, both in
scripture and beyond.

This volume, translated afresh from
the Latin Old Testament, is the most
recent in Searchlight Press's Bible
translation series.
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