How to Pray the Psalms

Out loud. At the top of my voice. In a remote location.

My most memorable time praying the psalms was on a camping
trip in the Apache Kid National Wilderness. I arrived early, and
knew I would be the only person around for hours. I climbed up
onto the top of a big rock and prayed psalms out loud, at the
top of my voice.
                                      Myles Hall
                           Cloudcroft, New Mexico
                                 February 3, 2009

Prayer is sleeping, waking, walking, jumping, running, dancing,
imagining, listening with God. The Book of Psalms is full of this
type of prayer. Psalms are to be read before going to sleep in
order to relax the soul. There are psalms to pray at the waking
of the day for strength. Psalms make us want to jump and
dance at the delight of God. Psalms meet our needs in how we
either walk or run through the activities of daily living. Psalms
assist us in how to imagine the powerful Spirit of God
functioning in our lives. The Psalms open us up to listening to
God in holy silence. The Book of Psalms is not only words but a
constellation of experiences and emotions that move us to
                             Rev. Tony L. Salisbury
                                   Abilene, Texas
                                  February 4, 2009

Prayer is any conscious act which makes us aware of God.  
Speaking aloud can be prayer, just as inner conversation can
be prayer.  Reading the psalms is, in itself, a form of prayer.  
Being conscious of it as such deepens its impact.  

Here are some further steps you can take. Read a passage
through, reverently.  Reread it several times, pausing to focus
on individual parts of it that move you.  Jot down notes as you
go.  When you finish, write a summary prayer to use again later
                                    John Cunyus
                                    Dallas, Texas
                                February 13, 2009
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