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John Cunyus is a
freelance philosopher
working in North Texas.  
Please help me reach out to others through
The Latin Testament Project.

I promise you someone, somewhere
will end up reading a Bible
they can understand!
John Cunyus
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                   An Open Letter from John Cunyus,
              Director of
The Latin Testament Project

A big part of my ministry is giving away copies
the Latin Testament Project's books.

Giving books away is like planting a seed.  I
don’t know when the seed will sprout, or even if
it will.  The Gospel of
Mark’s fourth chapter tells
me three seeds in four won’t bear any fruit to
speak of.  

Why do it then?  
Because the fourth seed
changes the world!

A Typical Week
The week of April 10-17 was fairly typical, as
far as this ministry goes.  I gave a copy of
to a father with a teenager and three young
children, at McDonalds.  I gave one to a woman
in the surgery waiting room at Baylor Hospital
in downtown Dallas.  I sent one by mail to an
organization that does outreach to troubled
teens in Irving, Texas.  I sent another to a
woman running a children’s ministry in
Richmond, Virginia.  I gave two to pastors of
congregations in South Dallas.

I always ask permission of those I give books to
in public places.  I don’t force anything on
anyone.  Folks don’t often turn me down.

I sow the seed of the word, in as
straightforward a way as I can.  I trust Jesus will
speak for Himself, as He always has.  I don’t
know which seed will bear fruit.  I leave the
seed’s growth in God’s hands.  That’s His
business.  My job is sowing the seed on the
most fertile soil I can find.  

I know this for sure:

       100% of the seed I don’t sow
                    bears no fruit.

Here’s my vision for these books.  When I give
this book to a stranger, I suspect, even if I
never see them again, that they won’t throw it
away.  Folks respect what
they are, even if
they aren't believers.

I know also that someday life will bite them.  
When it does, this book will be in their life.  
They may even pick it up and read it.  And
when they do, because of Whose story it is, it
is going to make a difference in their lives.

A $20 donation provides me a book to
give away.  
I can't promise you a tax
deduction.  I can promise someone,
somewhere, will have this book in their hand.


John Cunyus

For a full statement of income and expenses
related to this, please
contact John Cunyus.
Give a Book!
Plant a Seed!
The Latin Testament Project
5634 Ledgestone Drive
Dallas, TX  75214
"100% of the seed
you don't sow
bears no fruit."

-- JGC
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